The first 45 words

Here are the first 45 words from a very handy website called family learning

45 words matching octopus

Sweet little matching game for early words...match the sound (bottom row) with the word (top row)


Try getting the right dinosaur egg by listening to the word....! Great game from ICT Games

Use the random name picker from Classtools.net to make a first words fruit machine activity. Click Remove when the chiild has read the word and click Fruit Machine to activate the wheels!I have put 24 words on here...go to Edit words to add new ones.

45 wordle 45 words wordle

Here are a couple of great Wordle posters. Make your own Wordle picture from Wordle.net. Click on the posters to get a larger image to print out.

Make bingo cards

Make a fishing game

Make a snap game

Hide  words around the house

Play pairs