Teachers Resources

Free resources to suport the new curriculum written by a team of specialist teachers ...

Great tools for use in the classroom. Try the fruit machine name generator....no-one will ever shout 'it's not fair' again!

Free polling software. Insert a question and the audience goes to the website and votes on their mobile phones or laptops. A QR code will direct them there quicker!

Microsoft's great free photo storyboarding software

Brilliant support resources from Debbie and Anna at ICT Inspires. New curriculum, staff audit and keep an eye out for their new tracking software!

Great downloadable instructional videos on a huge variety of subjects. Beware though...a lot are very 'adult' so download and crop out adverts before using in school!

Wordwall is a brilliant site to make and create games and quizzes to present to pupils. It has a free personal licence but will need to be paid for to install on a network

A really interesting free presenting software.

If you use Smart Notebook but haven't got it loaded on your machine, try the viewer

Padlet is a great way to share a bulletin board with yur class. Register to have free access and start brainstorming and shariing ideas

popplet is agreat way to organise your projects and topics into a shareable mind map. It is free!