step two...programmable equipment


• Talk about sky boxes, washing machines, ipads or handheld devices…..what instructions are needed to get these devices to react as you want?


• Beebots….program basic beebot around a grid or a map. Ask children to create a zoo with animals and ask beebot to visit each area, write a story to visit each place, make a guide to the school or dress your bee bot as a postman/fireman/ambulanceman

Use the jackets here:



• Use beebots to estimate along a number line…forward 3 back 2…where will it be?


• Program beebots to synchronise…children have to tell eachother what they are doing so that the other beebot operator can replicate





beebot beebot app probot beebot2

Bee bot app

Pro bot helpsheet

beebot instructions