General resource sites

Toy theater...great for games, puzzles and much more

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Help Kidz Learn...great site for all pupils but aimed at SEN pupils

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Poisson Rouge...just packed with great activities

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IThe great Crickweb sites packed with activities and games

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Primary Resources...free lesson plans, ideas and resources

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Twinkl...printable resources for use in the classroom

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The amazing Woodlands School site

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Lots of printable posters and classroom labels etc

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Ictopus has great ideas and resources...you will need to sign up but it is free!

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Fantastic website for myths and legends, cooking,ww2 and a fantastic story creator! Take a look....

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Loads of basic skills games for numeracy and literacy.

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TES iboard activities are completely free to use...masses of activities for all subjects.

ideas to inspire

Great ideas for all areas of the curriculum along the lines of 12 ways to teach spelling etc


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Great site for links to all areas of the curriculum..could save you masses of time! There are a few adverts here but mainly harmless ones!