programming introduction

Learn to program in Python at Groklearning free resource site

groklearning scratch

Scratch programming website. There are lots of free resources plus the online scratch progrm found here


This is the home of the very first free programming tool...MSWLogo


Code club is a free site enabling people to run free afterschool coding clubs for children. All resources are downloadable and free


Frodo is a basic free online programming program. Select your command, choose the parameter thn press Go

online logo

online logo has a basic screen and a graded set of challenges.

hour of code

Brilliant resource for teaching coding using angry birds style games and videos from famous internet entrepreneurs


Kodu Games lab is a safe download from Microsoft. It has an amazing amount of support materials to accompany the program


Brilliant website for all kinds of software for schools. Their coding has basic on screen turtle puzzles as well as scratch-type coding and MSW Logo-style software

steve jobs barefoot

Lesson plans, resources and activities to support the computing curriculum

u/n: scitt

p/w: scitt123

1 creative learner 1 creative computing 10 steps

a booklet written by me to support the progression through programming in primary schools