General resource sites

Toy theater...great for games, puzzles and much more

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Help Kidz Learn...great site for all pupils but aimed at SEN pupils

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Poisson Rouge...just packed with great activities

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IThe great Crickweb sites packed with activities and games

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Primary Resources...free lesson plans, ideas and resources

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Twinkl...printable resources for use in the classroom

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The amazing Woodlands School site

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Lots of printable posters and classroom labels etc

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Ictopus has great ideas and resources...you will need to sign up but it is free!

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Fantastic website for myths and legends, cooking,ww2 and a fantastic story creator! Take a look....

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Loads of basic skills games for numeracy and literacy.


Great site for links to all areas of the curriculum..could save you masses of time! There are a few adverts here but mainly harmless ones!

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Great site for lots of ICT applications including a great word cloud maker!